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Dine is committed to creating distinctive brand identities and exceptional digital experiences.

As one of the first boutique studios in China to focus on digital product design, now is the perfect time to join our small, lean team as we open our doors for the first time in years.

In our nearly ten years of existence, we've worked with world-renowned brands and industry-leading startups, helping them build innovative products or refine the experience of products that already have a large number of users.

We're an open and inclusive team that believes in working remotely, so no matter what city you're in, you're welcome to join us and keep your lifestyle and work with a great group of like-minded people.

Product Designer

At Dine, Product Designers are the heart of our business. Under the direction of our Creative Director, you will be responsible for organizing the client's requirements, expressing your ideas with wireframes, and wowing everyone with high-quality designs that will eventually be delivered to the client as interactive prototypes.


  • 5+ years of experience and at least 5 projects related to digital product design across multiple platforms
  • Ability to work independently from documentation to prototype in a hands-on manner
  • Extensive experience in building and maintaining large-scale design and design systems
  • Excellent team player with the ability to help solve problems and raise your hand when help is needed
  • Proficiency in using popular design and prototyping tools in the industry (learn more)


  • Experience working in a startup or creative agency
  • Ability to clearly understand client needs and quickly understand business models
  • Adequate interest in and sensitivity to the latest design trends and emerging technologies
  • Good communication and pitching skills with the ability to sell your designs
  • Good English reading and writing skills, English conversation is a plus

Perks and Benefits

  • Remote friendly (our office is in Wangjing, Beijing)
  • Competitive salary with insurances and the housing provident fund
  • Flexible working and vacation time
  • No limit on the amount of reimbursement for tools, whether work-related or study-related
  • No boring team building activities that require mandatory participation 🤓

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Freelance Front-end Developer

We want to work with talented front-end engineers on a project-by-project basis to turn our designs into beautiful websites.


  • Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Git
  • Ability to implement designs using component-based development
  • Familiarity with popular frameworks, including but not limited to React, Vue, etc.
  • Experience with headless CMS development
  • Experience with Three.js/WebGL and experience in creating high-performance web animations
  • Experience working in a team and meeting deadlines
  • Back-end server related experience (Node/Ruby/Python, Docker/CI/CD)

Perks and Benefits

  • Remote friendly (our office is in Wangjing, Beijing)
  • Competitive compensation

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