A little bit about our history.

Dine is a creative design studio based in Beijing, China. We craft distinctive brand identities and create exceptional digital experiences.

We excel at thinking from user’s perspective, because we firmly believe a product is meaningful only when people truly love it. Some may find the idea novel, even alienating. We think you should simply get used to it.

At the end of 2011, our two founders Du Xiao and Liu Wei saw the rise of startups and the emergence of a booming mobile app industry, and their need of affordable and professional design services was left unmet. Dine was born, specializing in digital design for early stage startups. We designed some astonishing products and received broader recognition. As a result, companies big and bigger are seeking creativity support from us.

Meanwhile, we resisted scaling—hiring more people and moving into larger and fancier offices. We stay small to be nimble and many of our clients choose us because of it. We love face to face communication instead of sending account services teams to the clients’ headquarters. It makes the process smooth and agile, and our clients appreciate it every time.


A nimble and mighty team, you will work directly with one of us.

Du Xiao

Product Design, Brand Identity and Business

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Liu Wei

Product and Experience Design

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Wang Rui

Product Design and Project Management

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Selected clients we’ve worked with over the years.

AcFun Meizu

Baidu Opera

China Mobile CMB

GQ China QingCloud

LBE Tech Qdaily

Yooli Vancl

LightInTheBox Zhihu


Everything you need to make a successful product or service.

Product Design Experience Design

Mobile App Design Brand Identity

Web Design Web Development


Here are some questions that we get asked a lot.

Is Dine a company?


How do you hire?

Dine is a partnership. We’re hungry for brilliant partners to join us, even though we don’t recruit designers at the moment. Pitch us if you’re interested.

How do you work?

Our office is based in Beijing, but our partner Liu Wei works remotely from his home office in Guangzhou. From day one, Dine has been a remote-working team. For us, the office is just another place to work away from home. We use tools like Abstract and Slack to efficiently communicate and collaborate. Our clients seem to be happy with the way we work.

Do you offer unpaid pitches?

Our labor and creativity are our most valuable resources, and we do not offer them for free. However, we do provide free design reviews and non-public case studies for potential clients.

Why is your website in English?

Simply because the quality of Chinese web fonts is not up to our standard. We do not rule out the possibility to switch to Chinese once the technology matures. Please do not hesitate to talk to us in Chinese!


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