Hello 2020

The team at Dine celebrates the new year by launching our new website, along with a long-overdue facelift and many brand new case studies.

We barely touched the site since we first launched in 2016, although we did update the news and tweaked a little bit last year, we were too busy focusing on clients’ work other than our own.

At the end of the year 2019, we took a month off to redesign and rebuild our site. First, we gave it a new look-and-feel and a new set of typefaces. Then, the case studies. As a small team, we don’t have interns or junior designers to do this type of work. All of us spent so much time designing, modeling, and rendering the final work. Some of the works haven’t been seen in 3 years by anyone other than clients and us, we really hope you’ll like what you see.

Please, feel free to browse the site and enjoy your stay. We wish you a very happy 2020, see you in the future.